Uncloud the cloud with your personal AI detective

Shinobi gives cloud pros the context they need, to complete maintenance and repairs quickly
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Do less grunt work!

Spend less time reading docs, writing scripts or doing manual investigations, and more time building secure and reliable infrastructure that powers growth.

Ask any question about your cloud environment and Shinobi immediately queries it to find the answer.


Focus on value

Infrastructure and security teams use Shinobi for faster investigations, creating custom policies for their cloud environments, and ultimately building the guardrails for innovation.


Empower everyone

Whether you’re interested in tracking costs or investigating a security incident, Shinobi enables anyone in the engineering team to ask questions, irrespective of their experience.


How it works

All your AWS services

Shinobi is your own personal AI detective allowing you to interrogate all your AWS services and accounts via a chat interface.


Natural language interface

with AI assistance that supports all skill levels

Insightful answers

as Graph, Natural Language and JSON output

Privacy friendly design

which only sends anonymized environment data to shinobi

Simple hassle-free setup

zero to ninja in less than 20 minutes

Customizable Insights

to check your cloud health in an instant

Policies and Alerts

convert queries into policies with one click

Use cases



Get started for free

with a 30 day trial


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Run unlimited queries
Connect all your AWS accounts
Query events and logs
Create policies and alerts
Customize insights and dashboard
Visualize your cloud account


Shinobi is an investigation tool that helps cloud professionals resolve maintenance and security issues easily. It lets them interrogate their cloud infrastructure's configuration and events with little to no effort, using just natural language.

Shinobi currently supports all AWS services, with Azure support planned for Q2 2024.

Connecting Shinobi to your account is easy. The entire process is automated and takes minutes to complete. You chose one of your AWS accounts to be the primary account for installing the Shinobi stack. And Shinobi monitors all your other accounts by creating a read only IAM role in them.

Shinobi only collects data about your AWS account and resources. This data is sourced from AWS APIs using read-only permissions. Shinobi does not have permissions to make changes to your AWS accounts or any of your resources.

The data collected is stored in your AWS account where Shinobi was installed. It does not leave your account and Shinobi employees cannot view or access it. It is only used to answer your queries.

Shinobi can be connected to as many AWS accounts as you like.

Shinobi supports multiple user roles. You can create users who can only query your cloud accounts to users that are allowed to administer your Shinobi installation.